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Saturday, May 31, 2008
So yeah, in the rest of the world its June and summer and all that rot, but here in the Canadian Hinterland it's barely spring already. I mean we've had some sun and a bit of a rain drizzle, but no gushers or so hot as to make you sweat sun.

But it is June tomorrow and I felt like hey, lets give someone else a template shot here. No tweaking or tuning, just take something I kinda am ok with, (Not easy what with being a perfectionist and all) and stick it up there and see how long I can last with it.

So there it is. Colour. Framed Flickr shots, which should also be saving to the cache so they don't have to reload from some distant country where Yahoo keeps it's servers. Big letters at the beginning of a post. No stupid Twitter posts, making my site slow down waiting for the Twitter posts to arrive. (Though I am still twittering if you want the latest and not greatest from me).

Yeah. Let's see how long I can last with it like this.



Deep thought #385

Friday, May 30, 2008
Last night I was settling down a bit, trying to cool off and around 12 I walked out to the chair swing in the pergola in a T-shirt and shorts.

I sat there swinging and thinking and praying and a moth was drawn towards my legs.

It was then that I realized I need to get some sun on my legs soon because moths are drawn to the light.

A good week.

Friday morning in a week of good life giving discussions.

Last night Lauralea and I met with some people who were checking out Gateway a while ago and we wanted to get together. It's just full of grace to meet again with people of a different life story who have found the hope and reality in God, that they've been needing all their lives.

Visited the two hospital bound 90 year olds and hearing how they are making plans and fully intend on getting back to their homes, whether that is reality or not, makes no difference, they're making plans. And one of them was ready for going home home just a few weeks ago too.

Did the service at the hospital too this week and just blown away again at how God shows up for those people. Maybe it's because of those people. I don't know, but God comes.

And saying goodbye last night to friends who have beew with us a while and have grown and changed so much over the years. Now they move on to the next part of their lives and work. I will miss them deeply but it's good that they go and find new opportunities.

Then working with an intern, a mini-me. And seeing and talking with others in this place who have a call of God on their lives, they are just beginning to hear it and ask how to respond to it. Sometimes it seems everyone around us sees in us the obvious and we are oblivious to it all. We need others to speak into our lives what they see. I've been able to do that a good deal these days and that is an honour and grace to me. Like calling forth life that I see within people. Just so cool.

Even connecting with some of you over this medium, the Internets. To have you tell my your stories, pains and desperations and for me to go to God for you and interact with you, that too is a great honour and opportunity to experience God at work. I have known some of your deepest pain and the struggles goes on. I continue to pray.

And the opportunities that keep coming at me, I ask God who am I? How can I walk these opportunities through in fruitful ways. How have you made me to be? Where and how can I best serve God? What or where or who will I give the remaining parts of my life to?

If truth be told, these are the reasons I've been up through a couple of nights this week. The opportunities are all around, the fields are ready to be harvested. I too need to hear God and many times I hear him through the words that others say to me. I'm listening Lord.

A good week I think.

Alrighty people I'm planning worship again this week

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
after a break to do homework and workshops and such, this week I'm back planning worship.

Any songs you want to sing or things you'd like to try???

This is your big chance here, have a go.

I'm not going gentle into that good night

Last night turned into another night of wondering. Wondering why the heck my sleep system has stopped working.

I meant well. I mean I was in bed by 10:30, before Lauralea even was. And I lay there and lay there and lay there. I dosed off for 15 minutes, then woke up again. And lay there till around 2:30 when I got up out of frustration.

Tried again around 4:30 and the sun was up and birds were all a twitter. By 5 am I remember checking the clock again, then I was gone.

What is this strange nocturnal world in which I find myself these days, or should I say nights.

An urgent email came in around 3:30 and I used the time to pray, but this is starting to make a mess of my day time life.

Discernment, where art thou.

Sleep, where art thou.

See, even my blogging ability is getting weird.

A vision of loveliness

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Paula emailed me a photo of the pizza they had for supper yesterday.

Oh baby, that's hurting in a place inside of me that LOVES pizza.

And it's made at a little cafe beside the highway on or just off of a native reservation.


A good pizza is one of those deeply wonderful and spititually mystical things of life.

Check this out.


3:30 am and the birds are singing

Monday, May 26, 2008
I am sick as a dog as I split my time between my bed and the toilet and I'm so tired.

I thought it may be the coffee, but this is bigger than that.

So now the birds begin their song, at 3:30 am as if on cue. Great. Next thing you know the sun will be up, and I need my sleep here.

Couple hours till I'm up.

Really Big TV

See this is why I don't have a dog.
or a really big TV.


Canadian boy discovers a bacteria that eats plastic bags

I go to the store here in Prince Albert. I get a few things that I take to the cash register. They ring them through and start to put them into plastic bags. I say no thanks for the bags, I'll carry them. They stop and look up at me with a weird quisical look on their face. They ask "What?"

I say no bags please, I'll carry them. This news begins to dawn on them, "You don't want a bag then?"

"No," I drive the point home. And then with a "um ok then," I'm off to make a difference in the world.

Today Brad pointed out that a Canadian kid has discovered a bacteria that eats plastic bags.

How cool is that?

That will probably go over well in places like here where the idea of bringing your own bags to a store, or not using any at all is still such an unbelievable occurrence.

You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me: Part 2

Well, after a week of trying to get past the corporate spam filter for the Pizza Hut chain they were prompt to reply that they apologized for the disappointing experience with them and have forwarded my email " to the franchisee group in your area and they will contact you directly. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention."

The story of the pizza that wouldn't be continues.

Sleep Pig

Sunday, May 25, 2008
Sitting in the living room after lunch, trying to stay warm cause it's so cool and windy out there today, with Lauralea rocking in the chair beside me, and all of a sudden I heard her snoring, breathing deeply.

I looked at her and said naptime, and she didn't fight it today.

She lay down and I fell asleep on the couch FOR OVER THREE HOURS!!

I got up around 6:30 and she at 7 and we went to Wendy's and ate chili and baked potatoes.

Dang we were tired.

Now, it's time for bed and I wonder if we will be able to sleep.

Probably because we are sleep pigs.

Oh, I should mention that last night at 1:00 am we had two drunk girls ringing the doorbell cause they wanted me to call them a cab. They walked right up to the door and started calling through the screen and ringing the bell, and I was in the room in a Tshirt and my boxers. I figured hey if they were too drunk to care which house they picked, they were probably too drunk to realize I was in my shorts and Tshirt. Which seemed to be the case.

Glad I don't wear briefs. Or worse yet, Y-Fronts.

What a city this is.

it make me CRAZY

when a well meaning individual does something that is culturally insensitive to a visitor in church, so that the visitor is embarrassed and wants to melt away and never return again, ever.

It makes me so crazy sometimes.

What do you do?


Saturday, May 24, 2008
It seems that I have beed doing some writing here for the past six years, celebrating the party this month in fact. Six years. That's like halfway towards a grade and High school education. My first five years saw me start school. My second six got me as far as my first and only household move as a family and when I had to change schools, traumatic enough I confess.

My next six years saw me starting to drive and get through high school nicely. The next six saw me go to college, get married, have a couple of girls, and start full time in a church - paid even. No wonder I was so tired those days.

Now the sixes positively fly by and its not a big deal any longer to celebrate such milestones, especially when it involves writing a blog.

What started out to be a simple and truthful, (As truthful as others would allow me to be) record of life events as happening to a guy who happened to be married with four kids and be a pastor, has turned into many different things, at different times, for different reasons.

Sometimes I go back into the archives and read some of it and its really quite encouraging and helpful. Some of it's downright not bad even. Then I realize oh, thats my stuff I'm reading, from three years ago. oops. And then I get somewhat depressed for so much of the weak writing I've done this past year and wonder if it's possible to write well again.

Still, for whatever reasons, hundreds of you come by here every day, and hundreds more of you check the activity here through the RSS feeds. That's hard to believe, trust me. I used to feel guilty about a lack of quality, but I soon got over that. (Blogging lesson 42 I think) Just as I got over that "I have an audience I must care for" drivel shortly after lesson 42.

But honestly, this course I'm taking is taking a lot out of me, energy and output wise. I've also been really struggling with contentment issues and life change issues, a few health issues, a mild level of depression issue, aging issues, death of personal dreams issues, there's just a lot of issuing going forth here.

Be that as it may, here it is, six years in. I've blogged about weddings and funerals, death, sex, and taxes, children, graduations, dad, mom, cancer, T-Shirts that say "Suck," sitting down to pee, lawn care, pastoring women, death of a college, traveling, inlaws, friends, the menstural cycle, lawn care, invading the USA, movie reviews, volunteers, good food, great quotes, and so much more.

Will it be interesting again? Will I just quit and start leaving nasty trolling comments on others blogs? Will I say things again that I want to say but stopped saying long ago because they ticked people off? Will I begin to drool?

Only time will tell, so stay tuned for the next six.

Some of the topics we may cover could be, sex after 50, just two of us at home and we can't decide what to make for supper, prostate dribbles, moving into an apartment for dummies, spoiling the grandchildren, pictures of the grandchildren, funny tricks the grandchildren can do, videoclips of the funny tricks the grandchildren can do, and so much more.

So, thanks for sticking around, or occasionally checking in here. Your regular reading actually helps me with the disipline of thinking through my life, daily. And it helps me become a better thinker, writer, and human bean. So thanks.


Augustine of Hippo on scriptures

Friday, May 23, 2008
“If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don't like, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself.”

- Augustine of Hippo, doctor of the early church

overheard at a coffee place at the next table by a 49 year old woman

"Yeah I loved visiting Asia but the humidity nearly did me in"

Ring ring

"One sec, Hello? Hello? Yes I'm just having coffee right now."

"Yep you too. I love you."


"It was my mom. Stupid old woman."

Once upon a Thursday afternoon

Thursday, May 22, 2008
In my coursework self evaluation I recently completed, I was reflecting on how I've changed and my view of God has shifted too.

I think that the most profound and amazing thing I have rediscovered, is that God loves to be loved and loves to be gracious.

Even as I type that, my eyes get all moist and blurry.

From the young guy who has found life changing joy through a God given relationship, to the lost young lady who has begun to reconnect with God again through her rediscovered creativity, God loves to be loved and loves to be gracious.

And not all the stories are happy ending types but even through the difficult stories, people are not empty of loving God. Just because you hate your job, or your kids hate you, or you are having financial difficulty doesn't remove your love for God - or for that matter His love for you.

In fact that kind of realized love is often a deeper thing than a "God treats me nice so I love him" kind of love.

God really does love to be loved, and he loves to be gracious.

Maybe remember that this Thursday afternoon, no matter what shape your story is taking.

God loves to be gracious, to you.

week of reflection and prayer

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
This week in May has become a week of memories for me.

It's the week my father received his life giving liver transplants. Yes, two. The first one only lasted a year, but the second one gave him a bunch more years with us, and for that I'll always be grateful. I remember this week those families who lost their loved ones and gave the organs so dad and others could have another chance at life.

Today is the day four years ago that Grandpa passed away. Rev. John D. Friesen effected thousands of peoples lives, and many know God today because of his love for God and them. He was my grandpa and he loved me and he told me so. I wish I could be as faithful and committed and effective in the ministry as he was.

Six days after he died, Grandma died too. The two couldn't be apart, they were a team. The last thing she told me was that she loved me. That to me is a wonderful legacy, all that love.

This week is also the week when some friend's lives were turned upside down as their daughter passed away suddenly in an auto accident. I can't begin to imagine the pain of such loss, but what I can do is pray for them. And I do.

This week in May has become a quiet, reflective, prayerful time for me. Its good to remember and to say thank you for the good gifts. It's good to ask for consolation for those who still hurt. It's good to just spend time with the Father because he always tells me he loves me too.

And so that's where I'll be this week.

Do a happy dance with me

well, not that I'm dancing externally anyway, but I am dancing on the inside, somewhat.

All the course work for my winter course in Spiritual Direction out of North Park Seminary, HAS BEEN COMPLETED.

Woooooooo Hoooooooo



Just in time for the summer intensive syllabus to come and for me to start preparations for that final week of classes.

ahhh. Feels good.

Stat Holiday

Usually on weeks when Monday is a Stat holiday (Bank Holiday for those east of us) I am suppose to take Tuesday as my day off.

I just have to get this next class assignment done, so I'm hunkered down at the office, doors closed, Intern answering the phone and working on these papers.

It's the last requirement for this winter session, and I'll be glad when it's behind me.

Then maybe I'll get to cutting the grass.

You've Got to Be Kidding Me: UPDATED

Monday, May 19, 2008
Dear Sir/Madam

We chose to celebrate Victoria Day as a family by taking it easy, playing some games, and ordering an extra large Pizza for supper, from Pizza Hut.

The taking it easy part was good. The games were even good. But when we got home with the Pizza, well you've got to be kidding me.

Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lovers

It was the $25.00 Pepperoni Lovers Pizza which advertises double the pepperoni and double the cheese. It does not advertise double the crust!

The store we purchase from was:
Pizza Hut Store:
3130 2nd Ave W
Prince Albert, SK S6V 5E8

And we know staffing is a growing issue there. But this kind of product ought not to even make it out the door.
It was quite a disappointment to me.

Oh, and the Medium Hawaiian I also purchased turned out to be a small one. My son tells me there are no small pizzas at this Pizza Hut, and that their small is the Medium. To me this seems to try and change the dictionary definition of medium which is:

"That which lies in the middle, or between other things; intervening body or quantity. Hence, specifically:
(a) Middle place or degree; mean.
[1913 Webster]"

However, this assumption is apparently my mistake. If their medium is actually small, then I should have ordered the Large, which would be their medium, and so on.
I will own my own mistake.

I simply ask that you or the local Pizza Hut own your mistake. Please either refund me $25.00 or grant me some manner of certificate towards another Extra Large Pepperoni Lovers Pizza, and we'll try again.

I have included a graphic image of said pizza. Please be warned, it will cause immediate upset to anyone who is a pizza lover. View with caution.

Yours, (still, but hanging on by a cheese string...)

Randall Friesen


The email bounced back:

Delivery to the following recipient has been delayed:
Message will be retried for 2 more day(s)
Technical details of temporary failure:
TEMP_FAILURE: Gmail tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. The error that the other server returned was: 450 450 4.7.1 Service temporarily unavailable; Client host [] blocked using Trend Micro Network Anti-Spam Service.

Victoria Day

It's a beautiful day out there and I suppose the fact that it's drizzly and cool and quiet except for the birds, and it's Victoria Day all somehow works.

So we're celebrating, not in the Canadian fashion by putting in our garden, but the British way, with cool weather and rain and strong tea and later on we'll take in a "C.S. Lewis" movie.

Course, I'm here doing homework, so that isn't such fun, but needs to be done.

Movie anyone?

Saturday, May 17, 2008
So Lauralea and I and a few others are going to meet at Galaxy Cinemas on Monday for the 6:45 showing of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

If you've got nothing on, then put something on and meet us there before 6:45. We'll have us some fun.

"You will soon witness a miracle"

Friday, May 16, 2008
Printed on a fortune cookie we got after lunch with Lauralea at Vu’s Garden today.




Still at the office

Thursday, May 15, 2008

and I have turned on a little of BBC 3 which is presently webcasting Through the Night

I need some time to chill down a bit. These meetings always get me going and this one was no different in that regard. I should add that it was a good meeting lest anyone read anything into my energy. But church congregational meetings can get crazy sometimes, because people are people and sometimes we get in the way of the Spirit's ability to work in us.

I have, over the past ten years here, occasionally brought up my concerns with where the church's trajectory was heading. Usually more inward than outward focused kind of a concern. And each time the response has been interesting in that easy answers are given for the direction we were headed and that things would turn around in the fullness of time. My experience on the Covenant Bible College Board has taught me much more about that kind of response. (We had to close it last year.)

We have an amazing capacity as human beings to see a direction being followed, and to boldly declare that the end result will be different than the direction we seem to be going in right now. We can tell ourselves the most amazing stories that we then believe. In spite of seeing the reality of whats before us, we can deny, suppress, or ignore it with amazing conviction.

Tonight we talked with charts and projections and the clarity of peoples lives. That seemed to have helped a lot. We need to continue to move towards being a community that cares about one another even more, and a community that is a safe place for people to explore their connections with God.

To create safe spaces for people to explore their heart and faith and to find relationship and Life.

I mean, to do those things above seeking the status quo, not just for us but for the thousands that are dying for those things.

"They" say it takes up to twelve years to change a church culture. I sure hope it's a little less than that, but I understand that statistic. I understand why new churches and church plants are the places that the spiritually homeless find home. I understand why its so difficult to change a 50, 60, or 70 year old church and why it may be a better investment, to start a new church rather than to try to change an old one. I understand all these things and I've understood them from day one here.

But here is where I have been called to be, and though I continue to listen for God's leading in my work and life, here I work and call these people to the places God has for us to go. And tonight I felt like I was heard.

So lets see where He leads us. This could be interesting, or deeply painful. And often those are just two sides of the same coin.

The Grass and Sea and Sky

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Light 2

Three in one.




What was I thinking

And of course the correct answer is that I wasn't thinking, at all.

Last night was a tough, long meeting that I suppose I've been waiting for for a long time, but the coffee was so good...

I think I drank about four cups worth during the meeting. I rarely drink coffee at those meetings. But the end result?

It seems that the amount of cups I drink corresponds with the time I actually am able to fall asleep early in the morning.

I otta know that by now.

Just Life

Tuesday, May 13, 2008
We continue to struggle along. We have not abandoned our faith nor the church nor family, and still it is like marching in quicksand which takes all one has. And some days even that is not enough.

I suppose the great struggle these days is with health, and learning new ways to communicate with Lauralea, because the old ways are just not sufficient for these new days.

Of course family growing and moving on, and some growing and staying behind.

And the search for settledness mixed in with a wee bit of contentment would be a great blessing to us. I don't know why that seems so distant or so hard to rediscover, but it is.

And this weather, this one moment cool, and the next warm. The clouds and sun and wind. The last place I felt it like this was in Scotland a year ago. Or maybe it was a million years ago, who's to say.

But hey, I don't have to wear tons of warm clothing or shovel snow...

course last night there were mosquitos buzzing around out heads.

Nope, can't win.

Just when they get fun to be around, they move away.

Monday, May 12, 2008
yeah, easy come, not so easy go.

Hillary is off to earn some money to go back to Bible College this fall, and she can earn a bit better money in the far north, than she can here. So she's gone again.

We put her on a bus tonight, and her room is empty, again.

Lauralea said it better than I could.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Looking through some old journals of mine tonight and I can't help but be surprised at how far I have moved in my life and faith. I am pleased to see how much I have matured, but indeed some things are better off in the hands of youth.

Like Faith.

Faith for God to provide funds for an unexpected bill. Faith for God to actually heal and show up in power and might and wonder. Faith to see him answer an urgent prayer.

I feel like I have lost that passion, that youthful faith in God to meet a need.

I've seen God do some pretty amazing things, in response to asking and faith. But I've also seen him not respond in the ways I've asked him to respond, and maybe it just gets easier not to ask.

I know with age comes wisdom and experience and I really can't believe some of my youthful nerve with Him, or even more so, that he heard my youthful nerve and responded to my selfish calls for help.

But I can't help but feel loss of, innocence maybe. Childlike faith is gone because I have grown up into an occasionally jaded adult with a few cuts and bruises. I've got my own story now of highs and lows and three steps forward and two steps back. My memory banks get filled with the times I failed, and there is less room there for the stories where God showed up.

And the story becomes more about me, and less about Him.

My story used to be so much more about Him and me, than just about me. I am so tired of that, and thirsty for more. But more seems to involve childlikeness, and faith and trust, and innocence. I am not sure of which road to take to go back there, or even if you can get there from here.

Cross Sun
My hope tonight is that He knows where I live and what I need. And if there is anything in this day that is good, it is that it is Pentecost Sunday. God the Holy Spirit knew who were his, and where they were meeting. And he knows the same today, for me and for you.

This is the God who makes old things new and dead things come alive. That hasn't changed about him not one bit. And tonight that is my hope.

Somehow the realization of how far I've come, or maybe how far short I've fallen, helps unlock my neediness and opens my own heart in some vulnerable way that gives Him complete access to me. Then, there in the DNA of who I am, He can make me young again.

Tonight this is my prayer.

Micah turns 14

Micah Looking Good

So fourteen years ago as we were wheeling Lauralea into surgery and we still didn't have a boys name picked out, I asked Lauralea what we should name the baby if it was a boy and she reminded me that she had always wanted the name "Micah."

I agreed because I thought we were having a girl and it was a safe bet.

But a half hour later, Micah David was born, and the name turned out to be a perfect choice.

A couple of months later Lauralea wrote:
Speaking of babies,... in case you missed that news bulletin, we had one. Micah David Friesen was born May 10, around 8:30 a.m., weighing in at 8 lbs., 7 1/2 oz., and being around 21 inches long. He got off to a rough start, with what was thought to be "wet lung disease", but was eventually treated as pneumonia. We were separated for his whole first week while he was being treated with oxygen and antibiotics, first at the Victoria Hospital where he was born, and later at the Children's Hospital under the care of our capable pediatrician. As soon as his feet straighten out, (they turn in at the ankles too much, and aren't straightening out on their own) we'll be set! He's having "cast" therapy, in which he had casts put on both feet, (from just below the knee to the toes), last week tuesday, and will have them replaced weekly for 2 or 3 weeks. That is supposed to start things rolling, and with some physiotherapy and "special shoes" he should be fine.
The other kids all seem to like him, except when he cries... not because they are upset that he should cry, but they seem to think he's too noisy, and they can't hear the T.V., or read their books in peace. They haven't been awakened by him at night at all, and otherwise his routine doesn't interfere with theirs too much, so they get along pretty well!

Yup, tough start but he's made up for it.

Happy Birthday Micah.

So tell me... what does church look like for you?

Friday, May 09, 2008
This morning I had breakfast in the regular place I eat Friday breakfasts with a friend. And as we sat there I saw all the regulars come in to get their morning started. Some prostitutes, some alcoholics and a few addicts, along with a couple of others with their addictions better disguised. Ah, life in Prince Albert, I thought. Then I thought this might be a place Jesus would do breakfast in, right up his alley kind of thing.

And then I got to thinking about church and all that it means these days.

There are so many different looks for churches, from India to Indiana, from new to old, formal to informal, High and Low, in and out, and on and on.

And I thought, what does church look like for you?

Not what do you love or hate about church, but more along the lines of if you were to sit down and create "CHURCH" whatever that means for you, what would it look like?

Would you meet together?

Where would you meet?

Would you wear matching T-shirts?

Would you be eating or drinking? And what?

Would there be a dance floor?

Would there be organization of any kind?

How would people know you were a church?

Who would be a part of it?

Are you sitting or standing, what are you wearing, what are you smelling or looking at?

Are those even the right questions?

I'm just thinking out loud here. We need many more churches than there are, and we need different kinds of churches than the ones there already are.

So tell me, what does a church you would like to attend, look like?

Also, then maybe include your age. You may answer Anonymously if you like.



Odd body pains today

Thursday, May 08, 2008
Back, neck, head, back to back, left leg, head, and round again.

Kind of like being on an amusement park ride.

It's way past being old.

Evening benediction

Tuesday, May 06, 2008
Tonight it seems like many around here are in need of this benediction as they prepare for the night.

If you find yourself in the same place of need, then receive this for yourself.



May the Lord bless and keep you
May His face shine upon you
May His graciousness be like an endless stream
May the Lord show His favour
To your house and your neighbor
Until the last remaining strains of striving cease
May He grant you peace

‘cause in my heart there’s a sadness building up
Every turn adds to the cup
As the losses match the measure of my gains
In the shadow of this curse
Where the best implies the worst
If you’re like me you’ll need to hear somebody pray...

May the Lord bless and keep you
May His face shine upon you
May His graciousness be like an endless stream
May the Lord show His favour
To your house and your neighbor
Until the last remaining strains of striving cease
May he grant you peace

-For The Journey : Music and Lyrics by Steve Bell



Feels like

my whole head is liquifying and attempting to escape out my nose.

What a lousy night. By 4 am I finally just got up and saw the sun begin to lighten the skies. I took a drug cocktail and headed back to bed.

This thing is morphing into a brand new disease it seems.

More lurid details as they pour forth.

Curve Ahead

Sunday, May 04, 2008
You know how when you are a passenger in a vehicle and you are sitting in the back seat talking with someone, you can actually feel when the car begins to enter a long gentle curve because your weight shifts to the opposite side of the seat?

Yeah, that's kind of what it feels like in life right now. It's beginning to feel the weight shift to the side of the seat, which makes me feel like a curve is being entered. Whole lot of "Feeling" in there but hey, it just feels like a change in direction may be upcoming.  Maybe not huge or dramatic, could be as simple as, I dunno, but something is making me lean to the side of the car.

Maybe it's a return to "Normal" and whatever that means to us. It's been so long since life as normal was lived in this place...

I suppose it could be all the meds I'm taking for my lousy health these days. But I doubt it.

Just need to keep looking out the windscreen I guess.

She's back

and in a good place on so many levels.

Now she needs a job and some good health.

We'll see what this week brings.

The week in review

Saturday, May 03, 2008
Travel travel

drive drive

RCMP Grad, Yeahhh


aches, pains,


cough, sneeze, sneeze






cough, cough, cough

spit, snort

meet, encourage, pray


cough cough cough cough

help kids

rake, sweep







Friday, May 02, 2008
I'm feeling way worse than I did yesterday or the day before that.

Its suppose to be getting better.

I wanna new drug...

(10 points for who sang that line)

Surfing from a Ubuntu live CD

Thursday, May 01, 2008
...which for most of you sounds exactly like "Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla."

I am trying not to over do it today, activity wise.

Last night was the deadline for tree trimming untill August, so I was out there in the front yard after dark, reaching as high as I could, cutting off some offending limbs. I felt it later on that's for sure.

All Toni's Linux talk has got me hankering a bit again, so late this afternoon I downloaded the latest Ubuntu version and created a CD run version of it. Very nice, in the functional sense.

It found my WiFi network and set it up. The fonts don't look as bad as they did even a year ago. The 4gig usb drive plugged in and was immediately useful. The SD Card in it's slot is nicely recognized and the partitioned drive where I store all my data is accessible to me from here.

The usb keyboard I use plugged right in and is wroking fine without even a hickup.

So, not bad at all

Especially for a system I am effectively running from my DVD rom.

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