Quickly, it's time

Sunday, March 29, 2009
to arise from where you are now.
And to go out and find a gathering of people
Who have met together, setting aside their own agenda
To worship the living God
Whose image cannot be carved on wood or shaped in metal.
To gather, each with our own stories
and add them together into one voice calling out to God
that Christ might be glorified and lifted up.

Arise and come together, not for what you can get
but for what you can give.
Your time. Your energy. Your love. Your admiration. Your worship.

Come, now is the time to worship.


  1. That's a great recommendation. Now where do you think we might find such a group?

  2. Good question,

    Most people know of someone who attends church. That's a good place to start.

    And like I told a new church visitor yesterday, they should ask God and listen and watch for his peace, his leading to a church where her spirit can find home.

    other answers?


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