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Tuesday, June 02, 2009
Here, is the Government of Saskatchewan's Online Restaurant Inspection Information.

You can read up on your favourite restaurants latest inspection report.

I was a bit surprised by some of the reports. I guess having a fine dining establishment doesn't always mean everything is done by the book.

Other places didn't surprise me at all, except that I thought their reports would be much worse.

And the places I saw without any concerns?
The local soup kitchen, and the Zellers Family Restaurant.


  1. Science Fiction Pizza: "5 - Food Handler Illness/Hygiene/Habits"

    That shouldn't matter when you're making pizza should it?!

    (My A&W poutine establishment didn't do that well either. Yet, somehow, I'm sure I'll be going back.)


  2. I'm not convinced about Zellers. My mom and I both got sick when we ate there! That was a couple of years ago - maybe things are better now.

    Interesting facts! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You knew Zellers had to be good...two of your kids worked there.

    Plus, they have the best fries in PA.

  4. That's why I checked, see if my kids were doing their jobs.


  5. I've had some pretty frightening experiences while cleaning my own ice machine. And I clean it twice as often as either company requires. I don't understand why it gets so bad. We have triple-filtered, reverse osmosis water coming into it and the worst part, the water distribution system, is completely enclosed (not air-sealed) so no one's grubby paws can touch it. Argh. And I'd bet the farm that most places have never even looked at thiers...


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