This week on Twitter 2009-06-03

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

  • Too early today. Lots to do this week though. I just doze off when I sit down. Even my tweets are incoher #

  • Off to ministerial meeting in town for the morning. Maybe I'll make a new friend. #

  • Ok I'm all for freedom of footwear but you sandle wearers, can you please consider that we have to look at your messed up feet!! PLEASE!! #

  • Heading into the big city for some meetings today. #

  • Nice sunny day here. #

  • I am so dead tired that I had a nap before bed. Now I'm in bed. Night internets. #

  • Supper with the youth families #

  • Turning into a nice night #

  • Peace and good night #

  • Zion Strings Fiddle Concert #

  • Early morning prayer today with the guys. Sometimes good things take a bit of effort but have rich paybacks. This is one of those things. #

  • And after a day and evening of work, I'm done. #

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