10:13 pm and I'm in bed

Friday, October 23, 2009
The day began early in a hospital in the city, caring for a man in his final days.

Noon found me in another city and another hospital for another individual.

By the afternoon I was tired, and trying to learn my lessons about getting well on the back end of the flu. So I laid down for a rest because we had a supper appointment with a family nearby.

Phone rang once, I was able to defer. Phone rang again, another request, so I headed over to the office once again.

By six o'clock I was still ok so we headed off for supper and had a great time. Good food and a great visit finding things in common with new friends.

Much was accomplished today, and it ended off with a nice cherry on top. But it's all catching up with me quickly. I'll soon be asleep, I hope.

And I hope you are doing something fun this weekend.


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