On being lonely

Last evening Lauralea and I spent most of our time connecting with the kids. I think we used Facetime, Skype, and the old fashioned landline, but that's beside the point.

The point is that life is what it is and on any evening the kids can be up or down or anywhere in between. But the quality I notice more and more for them, and for us, and for many I meet with, is this thing of being lonely. Being alone is one of those things that you have to face in life, and learn through. But it's really hard when you are in the middle of it.

It is my belief that we were not made to be alone and that we were created in community, to be a part of community and to find our deepest meaning in life through being with others.

So today I wanted to pull up my thoughts on being alone and what it looks like when we live in community.

You may want to read a piece or two, or save the bookmark for when you are feeling like you are missing something. There might be something helpful in all these words.

Here is Nouwen on The greatest void.

Here is a short piece I wrote when I was trying to help a very lonely abandoned girl.

Here is a poem called Not Understood, by Thomas Bracken.

Here is a piece I wrote on loneliness and what we were created for. Being human shouldn't mean being lonely.

Here is some research I did on community while I was preparing for a retreat. The value of community.

Here is a prayer for you that you can receive for yourself when it's been a tough day.

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  1. One of the gaps in modern family concerns single adults. As you say, we weren't designed to be long-term single *generally*, but instead to be part of families. As families we can welcome in those who are single, and allow them to enjoy being part of a wider family, even though we may not be their 'natural' family.


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