Micah's Guitar Song

Thursday, April 26, 2012
It has been a decidedly heavy emotional time around the field this week and tears and anger have been poured out in my presence more than probably any other time in my years here.

So  maybe it's time for a bit of a good news story. Sort of good news anyway.

Micah has been using my old guitar for years now and has worked hard at it and done well with it and it's old limitations. He's wanted his own guitar for a few years now, and new guitars are not that affordable. So when he heard that there was a song writing contest and that the prize was a new guitar, he got to work on it and wrote a song and submitted it.

The day came when the winner of the contest was announced on air, and it was not him. Well he kind of was lower than a wagon rut for a few days.

Then he was contacted by the store that was offering the prize for the winner of the contest, and they communicated to him that if it had been up to them, he would have won first place. Wow, cool. They wanted to give him a gift certificate towards the purchase of a guitar.

The Turner Guitar Studio deserves a link here.

So today he is off to the store after school to meet the owners and receive his award, and probably look at a few guitars.

I know the certificate will probably be enough for a case or something like that, which isn't insignificant  but still it's pretty cool that they would step up like that.

And the song that he wrote as an entry?
Well here it is. My Guitar Song, by Micah Friesen.


  1. Really cute song, Micah! I think I would have chosen yours, too.

    1. Wow! Awesome Guitar song, Micah! My heart blowing through his performed of this song. Thanks dude and keep it up. :)

  2. Very good, nice humour in there. Hope a 'way can be found' for him to get his own decent guitar.

    Not as nice as the Haggies he was looking at (from his facebook posts) but for not much money, a Yamaha APX is hard to beat as an all-round decent budget guitar for live use. Certainly worth looking out for a used one if cash is tight.

  3. Way to go Micah! Hope you find that new guitar of yours, even used new - if its a good one.

  4. Good job with the song, and good luck with the guitar search Micah.

  5. Good song, but tell him to SMILE! next time.

    he probably gets that stoic face from you.


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