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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

God go with them, please.

Thursday, June 07, 2012
Tired tonight.
We completed our last Wednesday night Youth group meeting tonight with a great supper, some awesome games, and some final work on picnic tables we are making for camp.

Around 38 kids out tonight, I lost count, but kids at so many different places in life. Some graduating and moving on, others just new to youth and learning the new expectations there are of them.

It's bittersweet that way. You've seen the young ones grow and mature in life and faith to the point where you can have great relationships with them, and then off they go, and you start over with a new batch. Yeah, really bittersweet.

Some kids just seem to figure out life well, and make progress. Others, others just seem to struggle again and again, never seemingly gain ground. It's hard to see them struggle so much, and end up no further ahead. Makes my heart heavy.

I'm going to miss them, these young faces and passionate hearts. But I hope they have a great summer and that we can meet up again in autumn.

The leaders I've had to work with have been superb. That has made the work so much better and more enjoyable than it could ever have been. Without them, this year would have been far less than successful. I am deeply grateful for their tireless work and love for these kids. They are what made this year a success.

So, tonight I'm tired, a bit sad, grateful, and pleased that we were able to help a large bunch of kids grow up a bit, and move closer to God.

God go with them, please.


News anyone?

Saturday, June 02, 2012
So I've been sick with the flu this week, and that is a miserable thing. There are places to go and things to do, but it pretty much takes all my energy to get out of bed and shower. It should be passing soon though.

I saved up my energy today for this video I've been working on lately. Its just a new way to communicate with people in the church who don't read their bulletins or webpages much, but who do seem to like video, especially if they can get it on their phones. We'll try it, see if it helps.

 Stay well yourselves.


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