18 more sleeps

Friday, December 07, 2012
Really a quiet day in the field today. The huge hoar frost covered trees stand like giant marble statues of spruce trees with no wind moving about.

A bit nice a quiet here today.

No appointments on the calendar for today so I have time to prepare for Sunday, and try to catch up with some technological promises I've made in the previous months. Getting the Admin persons windows machine up, running, and talking with the printer has taken me since September to get going. Then setting up a better tool so that people from the congregation and area who want to request prayer for now have a good option for that. So no, I don't start the fire in the wood stove in the morning, but I do make sure the computers talk to each other and the printer.

In that sense there are always things to do around here.

The big Christmas banquet was this week, and a full youth evening happened Wednesday. Add to that some people with urgent and serious needs and boom, it's Friday again.

Steady as she goes then.
Only 18 days left till C day.

P.S. I just ran out of Wine Gums.

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  1. Sounds as if you are hinting for a Christmas gift of wine gums. But such a gift from a dentist would maybe not be wise?


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