San Diego is a lot like the Field...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
...Just less snow and more palm trees.

So each year the Evangelical Covenant Church invites it's pastors to gather together for great workshops, world renown speakers, and awesome worship and usually we gather in Chicago. Well this time in an "about time" sort of thing, they called us to meet in San Diego. February in Southern California. Let me just say that it was no surprise to me that I saw pastors there that I had never seen at midwinter before.

It was beautiful. Plus teens and 20's centigrade all week and no rain till the last morning there. I have never gone from snow to sun in one flight, and that was the shocking piece for me. It was the physical highlight of the week as I walked around in my shirtsleeves.

The best piece for me emotionally was to be able to connect with other pastor friends who care for me and check up on me, to see how I was doing. Some very honest conversations were had and the back and forth of real friendships was the highlight of the week in that sense.

I suppose the spiritual highlight for me was that God had some fairly determined things to say to me personally about self care and me aiming for the long run. I'm learning that the things that have sustained me in the past are not necessarily the things that sustain and grow my soul these days. I need to keep working hard on those pieces of my life, so that I can finnish well. It was a tough word to hear and process but boy it's dead on and that's a part of life I need to continue to grow.

So in-between the worship and workshops and speakers I took my camera and got some great shots of the week.

If you want to, you can check them out here.
Or see below.

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