Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Yeah, still at the office, trying to get the day behind me and move on home.

I had to do some class work this week, so I stayed behind tonight to finish some of it.

I've mentioned before the nature of it. It's internal work where you process things in your life and heart and look at it and examine it and walk it through. It's a good class, and would be considerably better if I didn't just carve out a few moments here and there to do it.

But that's what life seems to be about these days, carving, scraping, pushing.

When you stop for a moment to peel back the surface of your heart, man there's amazing stuff in there. And you don't honour any of it by rushing around or messing about in there. You have to take your time with it and be gentle, otherwise it will tear and break.

That's enough. Time to go home.

Gotta be back here in 9 hours.

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  1. Take care with that heart - I know it's a sensitive part, regardless of how it's been battered around at times. Methinks it has a lot of loving to do yet.


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