About Me

I want to be known as a husband to Lauralea. A dad to my kids, papa to my grandchildren and just a guy who followed Jesus. I've been helping churches get healthier for a long time, and usually that's about praying and staying a long time in the same place. I am an ordained Reverend but Jesus said don't put a lot of stock in titles, which is just fine with me.

By description, I'm a shepherd, a spiritual director or pastor. 6’ 2” and married to the 4' 11" Lauralea, father of four kids all over 5'.

The kids have moved on and married wonderful people. They have started having beautiful people of their own. Now it's Lauralea and I learning to navigate life alone, again. The past few years have seen a new twist to life as we have faced some health issues. But we are trying to grow through them, rather than to be sidelined by them.

Oh and yes, I am a bit of a ham. VE6VOR.