Monday, September 26, 2022

A random post about the sky

So today is the day when Jupiter will be the closest to earth, and so the easiest to see.

It hasn’t been so close in 59 years, the year I was born. And it won’t be so close again for 107 years. Which means none of us alive today will be alive when it comes around the again. That’s kind of humbling.

So the other night I pulled out my telescope and spent an hour or two just looking up into the night sky. It was a beautifully clear night like it hasn’t been for a long time. And you could see Jupiter, brilliant and bright like a diamond in the night. I believe it’s the second brightest thing in the sky after the moon during this time.

I worked hard to try to get a picture of Jupiter with its moons through my telescope. It looked glorious, and you could see the colors of the planet. Its moons always strike me as little stars or again little diamonds in this vast setting.

I was able to take, this picture which is nothing compared to what I could see by my eye. But you could at least see some of the moons.

It is amazing just to stand outside and look into the night sky and just think about how far it goes on.

The other day Lauralea and I were driving somewhere listening to the news reporters saying that scientists were going to do an experiment on an astroid. They were going to crash a spaceship into an astroid to see if they could affect its trajectory.

Interestingly this is also is happening tonight, and while Jupiter is 367,000,000 miles away from earth, this astroid named Dimorphos is about 6 1/2 million miles away from earth. But don’t worry, you don’t stand a chance of seeing it happen.

You see Dimorphos is a space rock that measures 525 feet across, 6 1/2 million miles out there in space. And the spacecraft that will hit it is about the size of a small car and will be traveling at 15,000 mph when it hits the rock.

So what struck me anew is that we are going to send a small car sized spaceship, 6 1/2 million miles out there in space to hit a rock a bit larger than a football field, at a point out in space where they will perfectly intersect one another.

And still, we are told that the universe exists today because of a state of randomness. That things happen without order.

I know of course that they have their arguments to answer my questions. And Lord knows I am a simple man and I am lousy with math. But if we can pick a target out in space, 6 1/2 million miles away and have a small car hit a rock in that place years later, I just fail to see an argument for randomness.

Life is not random. 

Friday, September 23, 2022

Worldwide Ministry Outreach of Malmo in the Field

Some would say that Covid has had some good effects in society and point to online meetings as an example. We've had to move our guys prayer online from in person. This has allowed some guys to join in that are usually on the road by then. So in that it's good.

However this week we reached new heights in our worldwide ministry! 

Jeff called in from Airdrie, Dave from Germany, and Barry from Ireland. The rest of us were in the field here.

That's a big day!

Monday, September 05, 2022

Prelude to Autumn

The thunder was rumbling early this Labor Day Monday morning, and the rain was sparse. Not enough to soak anything which I think is a good thing for now given that the guys are in the fields trying to get the crop off.

Last week the heat was in the 30s and that’s rare for us here. But today when I got up it was raining a bit, the thunder was rumbling and it was overcast. Certainly the weather was cooler than it’s been for days, +12 C.

So I came to sit in my sitting place here in the sunroom with the windows open looking out over the fields and trees and it dawned on me that really this is a prelude to autumn. The nights are giving it away most because they are cooling off now like they didn’t do in July and August. That cooling off is helping us cool off the house so that the days are not so hot when it reaches into the 30s.

But it is nice to sit here with the overcast skies and the occasional short rain shower. There’s a cool breeze that wafts in from the outside and I can smell Lauralea’s jasmine plant next to my chair.

Yes autumn is on the way and now we’re into September. Things are starting up again, kids are going off to school, the farmers are in the fields harvesting, and church is continuing to move forward.

I am generally very encouraged by the congregation these days. God is moving in our midst and there is room for him to touch hearts. Yesterday was such a lovely day of worship and God was so present. Many peoples hearts were touched and encouraged and challenged and what more could we ask for.

I feel as though we are moving well along the path we chose for this year. The path of healing and reflection and moving deeper into relationship with one another and with God.

All the fellowship times have been well received, and I see people caring for one another. So it feels to me like we as a congregation are getting lighter.

There are some individual stories that are heartbreaking and tragic and too close for comfort. It has been a very difficult few years in the areas of mental health. You never really know what’s happening in the hearts of people who gather on Sunday mornings to worship God.

I should say that I continue to do well. God is blessing with every provision for every day. He is teaching me new ways to live and new ways to pastor. Ways I have longed for for many years.  My prayer these days is that God would continue to renew my heart and my actions. That he would give me his heart in all these things.

So when I see the edge of autumn starting to move across the land like today, I am not overwhelmed or fearful. I feel ready for it. I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time and I am looking forward to what the future has for us here in this field. … As long is winter is not in a rush to arrive.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Being Introduced and Catching Up

This week I am on vacation and heading to Winnipeg to get Lauralea. She's been there for three weeks helping and getting to know the latest grandchildren, twin boys.

It's a two day trip so on the first night I caught up with this granddaughter. 

Then on to the boys.


Next to come, the rest of the granddaughters.

A fun trip.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

How's The Weather Where You Live?

July 5th here in The Field
Yep that's the for sure. Weather sure has been unique lately across these prairies. 

Big toonie sized hail in Ponoka the other day that smashed down crops and leaves off of trees and huge dents in the cars and trucks parked all around town.  Then I think it was yesterday down in Lethbridge area where they had such a wind and they're not sure if it was a tornado yet or just a strong wind that blow over some houses. 

In Saskatchewan where it was so dry the past year, this year it's so green and the rain has come so quickly the crops and gardens are getting slightly huge. 

And in Winnipeg this summer it is so hot and humid, which is kind of normal for Winnipeg, but still. Last winter the snow kept falling and falling and falling and I think they had a record number of inches of snow through the winter. 

We hear of fire storms in Spain, heat waves in London, people dying in France because of the heat.

And here it's been probably cooler than normal. The past few days have been warm but we haven't had a good solid week of hot weather yet, and the crops could use that. There has been a lot of rain, which is good, but some heat would be good too for the crops. 

Anyway all that to say, dang the weather's been weird this year. 

Sunday, June 19, 2022

"Kansas City Here I Come"

 So I find myself in KC for a week of Board meetings. It seems like a. nice place but dang is it hot here, well at least as compared to home. And humid.

I realized yesterday that this work has allowed me to see some iconic (at least to me) American cities. These are cities you see in NFL or other sports events and now I get to experience them first hand.

Last night we had some Southern food for dinner and it was a pretty great experience. This morning for breakfast I had a fresh biscuit with gravy on it. Who know?  There are some fun tastes out there to be experienced.

But also you see the head offices of corporations you've heard of. Kind of cool. So I realized last night that I could see the Hallmark Cards head offices across the street.

I wonder if they make the movies there too.

Monday, May 23, 2022

Of Birds and Bees

The bees are buzzing here today and maybe that means plums on this tree for the first time ever.

Lauralea and I have been on the road for a bit over a week. Catching up on the closer kids, and relatives.  It took me about ten days to be ready to want to come home, and its so good to be home now.

Been trying to process life and health and my brain and where is God it it and what does He ask of me. It's a bit hard to focus and to remember. To think through things and to refocus.  May be med related as well.

I think it all kinda goes hand in hand with mail that was waiting for Lauralea when we got home. There was a letter from our bank ready to give us a completely free bank account now that she's entered her sixtieth year. (59)

Then the next letter was from the government asking her to start to consider if she would like to start receiving her old age pension at the age of 60 or to wait for more when she turns 65. 

That blew us away you know.  I mean made us a little freaky. There are deadlines now, and that's if the health continues to hold up. 

But it is good to be home, even as spring is breaking in this part of the world.

The birds and the bees are happy. But why wouldn't they be.