Jubilee Ave

Thursday, March 29, 2007
Tonight I was looking at Google Earth again and boy is it developing nicely. Some of the images are getting better and clearer.

I was in a bit of a nostalgic mood, so I "Flew" over to Winnipeg and swooped over and through some of the old haunts.

For a while we lived in a three story home over on Jubilee Ave. It was a most beautiful part of the city with big trees and well developed yards. The homes were a variety of shapes and sizes and mostly well cared for. Each side of the street had side walks and people to greet as you walked by.

It was also a time of accelerated spiritual growth for me, if that makes sense. Most nights I would go out and walk and pray for hours. I would leave the house and move south towards the river, up one side of the street then down the other. I would pray for many many things, but mostly I prayed to get to know God a bit more. And God would walk with me those nights.

I got to know those houses by heart, walking and praying till 10 or 11 or 2 or 3 am.

Even better, I got to know God by heart then too. It was good.

I miss those times and beautiful places, just to walk and pray and connect.


  1. Hey, I just drove down that street not five minutes ago. It may still be nice, I don't pay that much attention. What I can tell you is that there was a drug raid on one of the houses around there. Someone got shot. Yellow tape galore. But aside from that I'm sure it's a great part of the city to be in.

  2. I drive that road twice a day, almost every day.... It has character, I will say that. Jubilee: home to BDI. That's QUALITY ice cream.... It just opened the other week. The line-up is already long.

  3. I had a place like that in Swift Current. We just called it the Cutbanks but it overlooked the creek below a 50 meter drop on one side and whole city including the street lights on the North hill of the city that spell "WELCOME" on the other side. The trees have grown and the "welcome" is less noticeable but it is there.

    Much praying went on up there and it was there that God led me to Saskatoon. I've tried to share the spot with my wife on trips to Swift Current, but it has been developed so the view is blocked by houses and "road" up the hill is fenced off. The ground is certainly not wheelchair friendly, but I think they are paving a walking path so maybe this summer I can give her a sample of my old hang out.

  4. Ah, the BDI.

    We used to walk there with the kids in the stroller and eat Ice Cream.


    And yeah, when we lived there I used to have a radio with which to listen to the police channels and I could also pick up peoples home cordless phones.

    There was a guy living down the block who would continuously run his drug dealing and theft ring, over that phone.

    Man, i can't remember how many times I called the police crime stoppers line on him. Never did get the cash award though.

    It is a great part of the city. Lauralea used to love walking up to the Safeway with the kids, and stop in at the Library there. It's a great community.

  5. Apparently Google Earth purchases satellite images from a variety of sources to match the anticipated hits. Thus major centres are getting high-resolution images (as good as 1 metre pixel size), but if you want to check out your favourite fishing lake in northern Saskatchewan you're stuck with Landsat imagery (~30 m pixels).


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