Just layin some carpet

Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Yeah so guess why my back is hurting.

Nope, it's not just from carrying a broken old hot water heater up from the basement. Nor is it from laying on my side beneath the toilet trying to replace a broken toilet.

It's because we've been replacing the carpet in the church building. And we've been moving pews and shelves and everything else in the place.

Every evening since Sunday we've had a great bunch of people come out and help us move things that need moving. It's coming along great.

So here are a couple of images for you. (Click to enlarge).

Everybody got involved

First we moved everything to the left.

And signed our names underneath the new carpet.

Then we moved everything to the right.

Sounds hollow today.

Observation: Boy if we had chairs and not pews, could we do alot more with this space than we already do.

Tonight at 7 pm, more moving and replacing.


  1. What about that nice picture you took of Eric?

  2. do you have a certified carpet installer doing the installing? in canada it takes a course and a three year apprentice period.

  3. I was going to suggest you get rid of the pews

    1. more space and more space and yes even more space.

    2. you do not need a small army to move the chairs as you do with the pews

    3. you can set chairs up in ANY formation you want to suit the requirements of the particuler service.

    but aside from that Nice church..

    just wondering will the signed names still be there in 100 years

  4. When we redid our basement and put new carpet in, we wrote something like the following in permanent marker on the concrete floor under the carpet:

    "You're replacing this carpet b/c you think it is ugly... Well, you should have seen it before: there was orange shag carpet, orange linoleum on the "dance floor", a wall with mirrors and the rest of the walls were covered with dark wood panelling and orange burlap. Now, THAT's ugly!"

    I hope someone gets to read it someday...


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