Did I miss a memo or something?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

whats with all the adults putting on funny Halloween costumes today?

At the bank I dealt with a series of cowgirls.

At the insurance agency I dealt with an old witch, beside whom stood what I can only guess was a "Housewife" in a bathrobe, curlers, and the like. Beside her was a Pumpkin.

It's a little embarrassing being served by such outfits.

And I feel quite undressed with my sweater and black felt coat and red scarf.

Am I missing something? Something fun or exciting ?

I don't know.

Seems weird to me.


  1. I think I'm unintentionally going as a witch/housewife today. Madeline asked me, "Why aren't you happy it's Halloween?" And when Marc asked Madeline how her Halloween was going, she said, "Not good for mommy." I think I'd much rather be the guy in the felt coat and red scarf today. :)

  2. The largest market for Halloween costumes is the 25-34 year old age group according to a recent NPR broadcast. Did they miss something growing up or is it just delayed adolescence?

  3. When else do you ever get to dress up in the year? Why not take the opportunity to have some fun and be silly? I think it's great when people dress up at work and such, lightens the mood.

  4. Um, so what did you wear today Matt???

  5. I spent Wednesday afternoon at City Hospital with Jason making a presentation and I saw a grownup dressed up like Darth Vader. Not sure how I would feel if she was my doctor.

  6. I was a cat. And yes, Matt, it is fun to dress up, have fun and be silly one day a year. It does lighten the mood. 25-34? Um, Hallowe'en is for pretending, right? I can be 25 for a day, sure, or even 34. Nice.


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