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Sunday, October 21, 2007
Today in church our part time youth guy Steve, announced that he would be leaving us in a couple of weeks. He's been accepted into the RCMP 6 month training intensive.

He's been working towards this for the past year, jumping through hoops and tests and paperwork and polygraphs and physiological reviews and background checks. He's done well to make it this far. Now the next step is to go live with them for six months. With his family at home.

I suppose there are weirdos and flakes in every profession, but the RCMP sure do make it tough to sneak into their ranks if you are one. That's somewhat comforting.

We will miss him, but it's been a good process of discernment and seems a good fit. We will wish him well, and pray for his 6 months intensive training, and we will probably pray for his family even more.


What surprised me in a kind of out of the blue way, was how 3 or was it 4 different people came up to me afterwards and asked if I was staying around.

I didn't see that coming.

I'm not sure if that is about fear or perhaps even an unhealthy dependence.

I'm thinking that one through though.

Oh, and I told them I wasn't expecting to be on my way any time soon.


  1. Well, I can't see you leaving us for the RCMP anyway!

  2. Steve will make a good law enforcement officer. But the Reid's will be missed...

  3. P.S. Good for Steve. That will be a hard six months on him and his family I am sure but, well worth it. We will keep them in our prayers!

  4. Heh, I have a free McGriddle McDonalds Monopoly thing for you if you want it! I can run it across the back alley.


  5. Oh yeah Ang, drop by with it or pop it in the mail box!

    And thanks.

    m m good.


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