Reason number 328 on why I love her

Friday, October 19, 2007
This summer and autumn I've been watching Canadian Football League games on the broadband over at It's often hit and miss, and the image can be quite chunky, but I can make out enough to see.

Lauralea has been bugging me to just get the cable package with TSN in it, but I've been all, no no I don't need it for a couple games I watch in a week.

Then she goes, "It's only five dollars for the month so why not get it?"

Then I go, "Na it's hardly worth it just for football games."

And she's like, "Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on."

And I'm like, "No no no no no no no, costs too much."

And she's like, "It's five bucks for the month you cheap beggar."

(Well that's the way it sounded in my head)

And I'm like, "Hmmm."

So today when I got home, she had called and had the company turn on the TSN for me for five bucks a month.

And tonight I watched the Winnipeg Blue Bombers beat the Calgary Stampeders, which means the Saskatchewan Roughriders have earned a home playoff game. Sweet.

And so is she.


  1. Sounds like you have a pretty great wife!

  2. Top tip - publicly comparing your wife to Mrs Doyle may not be the best way of keeping her sweet !

  3. lol.

    Thank you for getting that one Rachel!

    Actually it's a bit of an inside joke Lauralea and I have going. She's always asking if I want some tea father?

    To which I say, no no thank you,
    and she responds in her best Mrs. Doyle voice and accent, "Oh go on go on go on go on go on...."

  4. So do you see yourself as Father T, or the old guy who sits in the corner and says ..... ?

  5. Oh, I think there's a bit of Father Jack in there.... of course, he does have the odd Dougal day an' all...

  6. So long as you're not sprouting facial hair like Mrs D !!!

    Do any of Randall's other readers have a clue what we're on about ?


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