I guess my vote doesn't count

Thursday, November 08, 2007
as I had voted for no snow this winter.

It snowed all night long.

Now, my usual response to snow, especially the first snow of the year, would be "Gross."

Lauralea's first response to snow is usually giddy excitement. She is the one who ALWAYS wakes me up on the first snow day of the year with excited glee concerning the nocturnal downfall.

It's my job then to bring her back down to reality with a grumpy moan and some derogatory murmur about the white precipitation covering everything.

But not this morning.

She doesn't like the snow this year.

I don't like the snow most years, and she's the one who's suppose to like it. Things are changing so fast, I can't keep up.

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  1. This reminds me of my household this morning!! Well, my husband loves winter, and I have always loved the first snowfall. This morning, not so much. Actually, I have been dreading it for days already. Don't know what this change is all about. Why has your wife's opinion changed?

    Sask Party gets in and it snows... honestly!!!


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