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Friday, November 02, 2007
I was in Walfart today to pick up a card, (They are charging the US prices on cards, wrapping paper, magazines, and books!) and while standing there finding nothing that fit the occasion, there began playing over the sound system the song Joy to the World.

November 2, and Christmas music is being played.


Joy to the world, indeed.


  1. As a Christian, it always makes me vaguely angry that Christians complain about the early start of Christmas music in stores. Don't they realize that the gospel is going over the loudspeakers of every mall in North America? If you've ever been to a mall at Christmastime, you've had the opportunity to hear the good news. It's one of the last times and places you hear anything about God in the public sphere.

    (Hi, I'm here from SaskBlogs.)

  2. Twyla - 'Joy to the world' has great words, but mostly we get 'Jingle Bells' and 'Rocking around the christmas tree'. Not a huge amount of gospel in those.

    AFAIK the reality is that ALL those songs are just wallpaper. 'He who has ears, let him hear' is very much at the forefront of this, and without God's Spirit quickening hearts it might as well be 'smoke on the water' for all the gospel content that arrives in peoples hearts.

    Or maybe Canada is different?

  3. Yeah, good point Twyla

    But it just feels like the music is part of their deal to make money using the season for their own agenda. Cash.

    And instead of the songs being seeds that fall on broken up ground, it sometimes feels like the songs only serve to compact the ground harder, so nothing can penetrate.

    But hey, like Toni said in different words, it's not beyond God's ability to get some seeds into the cracks of our hard hearts.

  4. Be careful about those prices. I just bought the Fall/Winter issue of Outdoor Photography Canada and the Canadian price was $2.00 less than the American price. Not sure how that would work at Walmart---if they check item book individually for the lowest price or if there is an automatic pricing...

  5. I heard some Christmas music today also. I think it's about the cash not the Good News.

  6. What about the Christmas decorations that have been available for sale at Costco since SEPTEMBER! That is just ridiculous! I have found in the last couple of years that if you stretch out the holiday season too far that by the time Christmas finally rolls around it's not that exciting anymore.

  7. firstly i love christmas music and i think it should be played all year long.
    secondly i heard that walmart was adjusting prices to counter the growing canadian dollar. i also heard that the government asked other stores to do the same to try to keep canadians from going to the states to shop, but it seems that no other stores are willing to do that. it would be nice though.


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