A most prophetable morning

Friday, November 23, 2007
started with a breakfast connection at 8 am where I again freaked out the A&W staff by ordering a papa burger (no onions) and coffee for breakfast.

From there to the Hospital to check on friends there.

Then to finalize my sermons for the next four weeks. I am excited about them because I want to explore the idea of what gifts we have to offer the King. What are Spiritual gifts and how does that whole idea work, what we do with the things God has entrusted to us, and offering up the gift of our weakness. Gonna be a cool Advent this year.

Then there was meeting with Lauralea after her Doctor's appointment, and finally a trip to Micah's school for parent/teacher interviews.

That was some morning.

Now, onto the afternoon.


  1. You've finalized your sermons for the next 4 weeks ? As in written them ?! Or pinned down the themes and readings ? Either is impressive from where I sit. On this evidence, if forced to chooose, I would name you preacher rather than prophet . Such a shame that I don't believe in ripping off other people's sermons, else we could do a deal - I'm sure it could be mutually adventageous.

  2. Na, I'm not that good.

    I know where I want them to go and the scriptures I'm using. Done most of the thinking for them, but I will have to tune them as the time progresses.

    "Ripping off?" as in Stealing?

    How about as in sharing? Is that ripping off too?


  3. See, it's late Friday night here, I'm just planning on logging off and you pose me profoundly Christian questions. Sharing is good, much better than stealing. But, alongside your forward planning, it makes me want to elevate you to sainthood (a grade up from prophet or preacher) - don't give me theological decisions on a Friday night !

  4. So you are starting on the gifts thing this Sunday? I am very sorry to miss the start off one. Comparing the joy of being with a new grand daughter, an older grandson who will listen to all my stories and another little guy that is getting cuter by the day, to being at home doing the ordinary stuff - well the ordinary stuff loses.

    But fill me in maybe on what I missed?


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