Steve's gone.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007
As I pulled into my parking space at the church this morning I was just a bit overwhelmed with a sense of loneliness. Steve, our youth guy, and the guy with the parking spot next to mine, has left the church.

Sunday was the farewell for him and Lisa. He's off to follow God's leading and by Friday he will be in the RCMP training program down in Regina.

And that set's me back in the lone ministry position here at Gateway.

I did the lone pastor thing for some 10 years in my last post, but when I came here one of the treats was that there was another staff person, and I work well with others.

It's great to have someone else moving about the space. Someone to bounce new ideas off of or share notes with. Someone to pray with, drink a coffee with, and generally understand when things are crap at home, because they've been there too, last week.

I am glad for Steve, discernment has been going on for a long time now and the process is underway. But this morning pulling into my parking spot, it hit home.

So, I'm at the office, alone, getting things ready for the weekend, and it's -10C outside.

It's all just a bit gross this morning.


  1. I was thinking of that this morning - that you are going to sense his loss every day that he is not there in the same space where he was before. So was praying for you too as I was praying for God to help him stay in top form physically.

  2. Randall,

    Loss is a tough pill to swallow... the tough thing is it really isn't an optional pill. I am praying that someone soon will be bouncing around that space to help again share in the journey.

    you are a good man and will be missed by Steve

  3. i miss steve already. I should email him or something.

  4. why are you all talking like I'm dead?

  5. Ya, gone, but not forgotten...........OR DEAD! Pretty funny Steve!

  6. Steve is dead? Did I miss something? I call his Land Cruiser.

    Oh wait. Right Steve is still alive and he will live on in my heart because he once fixed my dislocated finger.

  7. Wow, you're lucky.

    Steve never fixed my finger.

    although he did once fix my foot stool...

  8. Steve,

    you're not dead?


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