Your Word for the Day: FRISSON

Which is a lot like FRIESEN, and has the same feel to it.

And, I believe, the same definition, which is:

"a sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear; a thrill. Especially a shiver of excitement."

Yeah baby.

a shiver of excitement.


  1. Like the kind you get when you've really had to pee for a long time and then finally do? Like that kind of shiver?

    Like a pee shiver?

  2. :)

    actually, exactly like that.

    At least that was what I just told Lauralea on the phone.

  3. can't beat the pee shiver...

  4. Based on your most recent photos I thought it was Freezen -- yet a different shiver.

  5. So to use it in a sentence, "I get a frisson every time I see the Friesen's"?



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