Remember Summer?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Remember Summer?

I miss it.
Or maybe I just miss them.

I definitely miss wearing my African Jesus shirt.
You can't wear that in winter you know.


  1. And, is it just me, or does he indeed look like The Great White Missionary with his little Pygmy tribe here...

    (and I don't mean "is it just me" as in, "am I the Pygmy in the tribe", but rather, "am I the only one to whom this is apparent")

  2. This picture is nice, aside from my profile view. I was rather partial to the picture where the back row of guys was staring up and slightly to the left while the front row was doing what they were supposed to and looking towards the camera. Hope you're all well up there.

  3. Ah, summer. Yep, barely distinguishable from autumn and spring here (and some parts of winter). Unfortunately this doesn't mean that we get year round summer weather.

  4. Hi Nate;

    All's well up here, especially since today it's suppose to get to -8C, dunno what that is in F though. Stay dry guy.

    Hey Toni, are you both off to Brussels tomorrow?


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