Thank You Freakin BC.

Monday, December 03, 2007
Prince Albert - Shellbrook - Spiritwood - Duck Lake
12:20 PM CST Monday 3 December 2007
Snowfall warning for
Prince Albert - Shellbrook - Spiritwood - Duck Lake issued

Heavy snow tonight and Tuesday.

A strong weather system forming over British Columbia will move into southwestern Saskatchewan overnight, then track southeastward across the Dakotas on Tuesday. Heavy snow will fall to the north of this system, and current indications point to amounts up to 15 cm for a swath of regions from the northwestern grainbelt across to the southeast part of the province, including the Battlefords, Saskatoon and Yorkton. Lesser snowfall amounts are expected on either side of this track. There is also the possibility of freezing rain overnight and Tuesday morning from outlook towards Moose Jaw and Regina and southeastward to Estevan.



  1. I just got home from the hospital (Jay will be coming home tomorrow :)) and it is already a little scary out there with all the snow. I am a little scared to go to bed and wake up to what'll be out there tomorrow morning. Of course we just moved into our first house and I get the privilege of doing all of the shoveling :P

  2. We got 35 cm of snow Sun-Monday and it is still snowing at this hour. 11:35 p.m. Mon night in Montreal.

    I hope all is well there.


  3. hey, we weren't too thrilled with it here in BC, either. But the blessing of freaking BC is the day after our dumping of snow, we had 16 degree temperatures and rain that washed the snow all gone (of course, there was also flooding in places).

  4. lol

    Yep, that sounds like BC.

    2:41 am, Tuesday morning and it's still snowing and blowing like mad out there.

    Gonna be a long dig out tomorrow.

    Hope the van can get out.

  5. What's Snow......................

  6. I think Ian should be banned from speaking on snow - since he obviously has not had to shovel lately.

    God and I had a little meeting out in the snow this morning as I was shoveling away. Its pretty but...

    He didn't answer my prayers to have it all go away. But I didn't have a heart attack at least. :)

  7. Q1 Why are you on your computer at 2.41 am ?
    Q2 If your kitchen is now white can you differentiate between where it ends and the snow begins ?
    Q3 Over here the lack of snow on the felltops is being seen as a sign of global warming - what does that say about your part of the world ?

    Life is full of questions.......

  8. Hmmm...

    A1 Because I finished the first coat of paint around about that time. (Otherwise it's a long clean up process, only to be repeated the next evening. Might as well get it done in one shot.)

    A2 No. This was a concern Lauralea and I had last night. I'm not sure I like the white.

    A3 I think the Global Warminists should come live with me for a December and January. They would have less to complain about.


  9.'s really warm today. I'm guessing it's about 15', with a nice, gentle breeze...sure it's still cloudy and dark, but it's warm and wonderful.

    how's that snow working out for ya?

  10. I really think Johanna NEEDS to come home for a week or so, don't you, Randall???? She's getting a little too wimpy by the sounds of it ;-)) A good work-out with a shovel would be a real asset.

  11. Hmm rain or snow, we have had over 10 cm of rain since Sunday...there's been mudslides everywhere, flash floods, power outages, and until this morning all of the camp was literally trapped from civilization because of floodwaters on every main road leading to town... Hey at least you can plow snow... well at least make Micah shovel.

  12. I think Johanna needs a bowl of SHUT UP STEW.

    Nate, be careful that new laptop doesn't get washed away. It's good to have you online.

    And yes, I expect Micah will have a bit more of the shovelling done by the time I get home. That's why I got him the Extra Large Shovel.


  13. yeah just saw the video from Washington state.

    Looks real bad.


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