Time for some Christmas Cheer

Thursday, December 13, 2007
Any chance you remember when, in Christmas's past, the Wishbook Catalogue would arrive and you would spend hours pouring through it, picking your favourite toys?

Well, now you can go back in time.

www.wishbookweb.com has a number of different stores Christmas catalogues you can look back through. It uses a bit of bandwidth so it may take a bit of time for the thing to load, but it's fun when it does. Just be patient grasshopper.

(Click to enlarge)

Ahh, love the hat!

My buddy Dale got this for Christmas that year. It was awesome.
We thought technology was amazing.


Warning: This site may cause significant loss of valuable time.

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  1. I love looking through old Sears catalogues. My mom has a bunch of old Eatons and Sears catalogues in her basement. Last year I scanned a bunch of pages of my favourites and did a post about them. Here's the link:



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