White Christmas

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
On Sunday I invited the people to jot down a couple of their favourite Christmas carols and put it in the offering plate, so that I would know which songs to make sure we don't miss this year. I received about 20 responses.

Interestingly, more people requested "White Christmas" than requested "Joy to the World," or "Angels we have heard on High," or even "Away in a Manger."

Silent Night won the day though, with nearly half the votes.


  1. White Christmas?

    Sits at keyboard shaking head.

    There's just no answer to that. I guess it underlines what carols mean to many churchgoers. If I'm ever around and you do do that again I'm definitely putting 'so here it is, merry christmas' on my piece of paper.

  2. 'white Christmas'? Isn't that that song by Frank Sinatra??

    lol...I'm totally kidding. I know it's Bing.


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