Tuesday, April 29, 2008
I thought I was taking a turn for the better, but tonight it's sicker.

Coughing, choking spitting sneezing spewing. The joy is endless.

I haven't been sick all winter, or last summer if memory serves. So I guess I am due.

But this is a kicker.


  1. Ya, that's what my 5 weeks of plague was like. Didn't know I had it in me.;)

    May the Lord heal you quickly! And probably a hot toddy wouldn't hurt.

  2. Well, I'm into my first 24 hours of Amoxycillin.

    The feeling one gets when sinuses drain is weird - there's this brief tickling sensation, then a load of pale orange liquid runs out of my nose. :(

    Get well soon feller.

  3. i would suggest staying in bed then

    hope both you and toni get well soon.


  4. I will pray for you today...but as a nurse I am going to tell you something that you likely already know. Your body cannot fight off common viruses when it is weak or run down. Getting sick is a signal that you need to rest and nourish yourself. You cannot minister to others if you are not well yourself. Have a day of rest and blessing. Linda


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