I have landed

Thursday, April 24, 2008
Turns out that Minnedosa is a lovely town, really quiet old and beautiful.

The motel turns out to be quite functional. I checked for bed bugs, looks clear. There is a microwave that i can reach and use while I'm lying in bed, and it has a very fuzzy few channels small TV with no remote. But that's ok as I can just roll over and change channels on the other side of the bed.

Classic prairie fare, cinder block square room construction. Rickety table and chair to short to reach the table.

But it's good to be here.

Tomorrow is my workshop, looks like about 40 signed up for it. Hope I live up to their expectations.

Blogging from Minnedosa in Snowfilled manitoba.

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  1. I'll be praying that your seminar is fruitful and meaningful.

    Ya, you may have to shovel when you get home, although it could melt by then. Supposed to have 15-20 cm. tomorrow. We'll see.



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