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Friday, April 25, 2008
Tonight I was recognized as Johanna's dad and it had the same feeling of pride that I used to know when I was recognized as Reuben's son. It's odd how it works but it seems to be the same feeling. I like that.

Apparently she sang in church last week, surprising some of them who didn't know her or her history that much. She impressed. I told them she used to sing in Europe. ( well, literally she did...).

Anyway, the seminar went well, and that is from some of the attendees to the event, not just my biased opinion. I thought it went well too. Spiritual Direction is being well received here and that's kind of exciting.

But tonight I feel like crap. My throat is quite sore and I'm coughing up some manner of flem. I made it through the whole of winter with nasty diseases all around me and nothing touched me, and now I get into Manitoba and some small bug gets me. Gross. At least my public talking is over for the weekend and I don't need my voice as much for the rest. I have a couple of meetings planned with people yet and hopefully tomorrow we can fit them in, as well as the general meeting.

And, it's been fun getting to know some of the new pastors in Canada. One guy's dad is so high up in the Canadian government that I could probably meet the Prime Minister, if I was so inclined. Oh and another pastor I met, who's mom was Miss Canada once.

What a bunch.



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