Off to bed

Saturday, April 12, 2008
Yes, i know I know, Im still up, but I am off to bed now.

I've been reading some blogs of some pastors that I follow, finding some encouragement wherever I can get it. And I've been listening to BBC Radio Cumbria. They run a great morning show over there with lots of wonderful worship music and encouraging comments, don't know how a public broadcaster gets away with it, but it's so encouraging. Nicely done.

And I've been sending off a couple of emails, checking on some of the people I've been concerned about this week.

So, if you are in the UK, it's about 8:30 am, so you should get up and find a church to get too!


And if you are still on this side of the darkness, then get some sleep so you don't fall asleep in church tomorrow. 

I know I better.





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  1. Just returning the transatlantic compliment to all you Canadians out there, cos it's coming up to 9.00 your time and according to Randall you should all be eagerly bouncing off to church and wide awake. Here in the UK post church and post Sunday lunch slump, I'm praying that a certain pastor doesn't fall asleep in his own service - such a bad, if human, image !


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