SaskTel Network is down AGAIN

Sunday, April 20, 2008
So I have to phone Thomas on his mobile who txt's Hillary and asks her where her bus it and she replies to him and he phones us back.

Good Grief.

They are both on the Virgin Network.

The UK's Virgin Network works nicely in Saskatchewan, but the local, home made brand doesn't.


Oh, and I had to get the info from her, because the Bus Company hasn't heard from the bus driver yet. As far as they are concerned the bus should still be on time, like they said, "due in 25 minutes ago."

The bus driver probably uses SaskTel too.


  1. That's funny, I've been on Sasktel Mobility for years and never had a problem.

  2. I do think there is a difference from Saskatoon and the out counties. Out here the whole cell thing can go down for an hour or 8 and the txting network can be just gone for any length of time.

    It's been an exercise in frustration.

  3. Well, IMHOP sasktel is really quite reliable when you compare it to systems worldwide...and it works outside of the major centres, which telus (which rents space from sasktel since they don't want to invest in their own towers) and I'll wager virgin renst space from sasktel too. Even Rogers is quite limited with its coverage once you leave PA, S'toon, or Regina. There's always room for improvement, but most of the time when I've had trouble with a sasktel phone, wireless or otherwise, its been due to weather so bad the sat. tv wouldn't work, or someone with a backhoe digging where they shouldn't.


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