Something near the front please Lord.

Sunday, April 20, 2008
I suspect and hope that when The Day arrives and we get translated to Glory, that some things are to be expected. I mean, knowing Christ's priorities for the little and the least of these, over and above those who just talk a great deal, should result in people like Lauralea getting a good seat in heaven, something near the front.

You see, I can carry on at great length about how to live and love and care for others. But Lauralea does most of her talking, in this regard anyway, with her actions.

This morning I awoke and upon entering the kitchen I discovered she was icing a cake she had made. It was a simple 8 or 9 inch round cake with lovely icing on it and four intersecting hearts made in various shades of colour from sprinkles. It looked lovely.

It seems she had made it for a young girl who occasionally comes to our church, by herself. She remembered this girls birth date from when the girl used to attend our church kids program, and she had decided to make her a cake for her 13th or whatever it was birthday.

She does things like this quite selflessly, and without motivation other than love.

I replied that she might not be at church, but I knew this wouldn't slow her down any. She finished her task.

And wouldn't you know it, while we were at church the young girl came too, and looked up Lauralea just to say hi as she always does, knowing Lauralea will talk to her like a caring friend.

Lauralea presented her with her gift and a happy birthday. The girl smiled, and laughed just like she always does whenever she's talking to Lauralea.

So much to learn. So little time.


  1. I thought you were trying to be funny, and it turned out you weren't, really.

    I just misunderstood you when you talked about the "little and least of these" she is under 4'10".

  2. I just reread that and it does make a good intro to a short joke...
    You're right, I may have to rethink it!

    We are sending all the stuff with Robyn tomorrow. Have fun with it.


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