Winter. It ain't over till the fat lady sings.

Friday, April 18, 2008
The current view from my office;

Office View - No Snow

The Weather Forecast:
Updated special weather statement issued for regions of Saskatchewan by Environment Canada at 4:08 AM CST Friday 18 April 2008.

Special weather statement issued for..
City of Saskatoon
City of Regina...
Prince Albert - Shellbrook - Spiritwood - Duck Lake
Meadow Lake - Big River - Green Lake - Pierceland.

...Massive late winter storm likely to bury much of southern and Central Saskatchewan this weekend into early next week....

An intense low pressure system will develop over the northern us during the next few days and slowly track through the central prairies into early next week. This system has the potential to produce widespread blizzard conditions with excessive amounts of wet
snow and poor visibilities to a large portion of southwestern and central Saskatchewan from Saturday night right on into Tuesday.
The various computer models are all pointing to the same solution with heavy wet snow and strong winds expected for much of southern and central Saskatchewan so confidence of a major winter storm for portions of the region is quite high. The location of the heaviest
amounts of snow is still uncertain at this time but there is a potential for 50 or more centimetres of heavy wet snow over western and central areas of the province from Saturday night until the snow gradually tapers off during the day on Tuesday. As well strong
northerly winds will likely produce near zero visibilities in snow and blowing snow over much of the area. Travel may become nearly impossible Sunday and Monday. Southeastern areas of the province will initially be on the relatively milder side of this system so any precipitation should remain as rain for areas near Regina and southeast but those areas should see the precipitation change over to wet snow on Monday as well. We will continue to monitor the
development of this system over the next few days and watches and warnings will be issued later in the week as the details of this massive winter storm evolves.

This winter isn't over just yet, it has one more raging storm to throw at us.
So batten down the hatches, make sure there's gas in the car and food in the house, and you have a few good movies to watch. You aren't going to want to be outside much this weekend.


  1. Well, pray for us as we are supposed to be traveling back from Saskatoon on Sat night. And daughter is also supposed to be moving home from Saskatoon on Monday. Plans may have to be modified. Don't seem to have much success modifying the weather.

  2. Hahahaha So do I get to stay in Saskatoon for my vacation?? Hopefully NOT!

  3. I hope you did not put away your snow gear.

    In Ottawa, the snow is melting and the weather is in the mid-20's after a very snowy winter.


  5. Think I'll be taking off to the library before "she" shows up.

    We're hardy folks....we can handle it, but dang, it's getting just a little much....even for ME!

  6. We are planning on attending a wedding in Saskatoon on Saturday. I hope the storm waits until later that night.

  7. shoot. i hope my bus doesn't crash. i should be home late sunday afternoon for those of you who are suposed to be picking me up...


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