Curve Ahead

Sunday, May 04, 2008
You know how when you are a passenger in a vehicle and you are sitting in the back seat talking with someone, you can actually feel when the car begins to enter a long gentle curve because your weight shifts to the opposite side of the seat?

Yeah, that's kind of what it feels like in life right now. It's beginning to feel the weight shift to the side of the seat, which makes me feel like a curve is being entered. Whole lot of "Feeling" in there but hey, it just feels like a change in direction may be upcoming.  Maybe not huge or dramatic, could be as simple as, I dunno, but something is making me lean to the side of the car.

Maybe it's a return to "Normal" and whatever that means to us. It's been so long since life as normal was lived in this place...

I suppose it could be all the meds I'm taking for my lousy health these days. But I doubt it.

Just need to keep looking out the windscreen I guess.


  1. Feeling some of the tilt of this road too.

  2. The lean going round a curve--that's a wonderful description of change in direction. I enjoyed stopping by and finding that.

  3. I remember my first motorbike ride in my youth - lots of curves and very scary ! Very comforting to hold on tight to the driver though - trust you get the metaphor.


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