Victoria Day

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's a beautiful day out there and I suppose the fact that it's drizzly and cool and quiet except for the birds, and it's Victoria Day all somehow works.

So we're celebrating, not in the Canadian fashion by putting in our garden, but the British way, with cool weather and rain and strong tea and later on we'll take in a "C.S. Lewis" movie.

Course, I'm here doing homework, so that isn't such fun, but needs to be done.


  1. randall I'm pretty sure you are a brit, or scotsman (whichever you like better... are you sure you weren't born there or were adopted by mennonites?

  2. Oh come on, the sun always shines in the UK !! (Well it has for the last couple of weeks) Enjoy the movie - although if it's quintessentially English, why do you get to see it first ?!

  3. Hey Cody, are you implying that Brits love the rain or overcast skies?? I though you weren't. You don't want to tick them off.

    But yeah, for whatever reason I LOVE low clouds and a gentle rain. I think it has to do with living with Lauralea so long cause that's who she is.

    Be careful for what that wife of yours loves.


  4. And Barb,

    It was a good movie, although it seemed to be made somewhere other than the UK.

    An odd twist of fate.


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