And 22 years later

Friday, April 17, 2009
I'm on the campus where that kiss originated.
I'm sad to say that the bench is gone, but I took a picture of the place it once sat.

Micah and I are here to pick up the two kids and their stuff, and as it happens the school is honouring my uncle Marvin for his years of service to the school, this grad weekend. So we will attend the graduation tomorrow and then head home.

Lots of memories here, including the invisible bench. It is surprising the stray random memories that hit me as I round a corner or see a space that hasn't changed at all. Suddenly I'm taken back 26 years and I can see the faces and hear again the voices.

Kinda like an emotional rollercoaster, and I don't normally like rollercoasters, but this is good for my soul.

I'm glad I can be here again, after 22 years.

Peace. Hope your weekend is good.

From PRBI in northern Alberta.


  1. May you experience many more reminders of good times. And may you travel safely home again.

  2. Aaah, memories! We also got together on the campus of PRBI, although we had met previously. For us it was 33 years ago. One 4 hour date per month as a "recognized couple". haha Hopefully things have changed since then. haha Now we are wondering if we know your Uncle Marvin!! Glad you have such happy memories of the place. We do too.


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