Good Bye Corner Gas

Monday, April 13, 2009
Tonight we watched the last episode of Corner Gas, and it really ended like it always ran, funny, and faithful to the characters and their lives. Good job Brent Butt and cast. You gave us plenty of laughs with a good many inside jokes to laugh at too. Thanks for that.

One of the guys in the church I work at grew up in the same town as Brent Butt, the shows creator and Executive Producer. He was in the grade above Brent and has told me about Brent's reputation and the town they grew up in, Tisdale Sk. Which makes more of the shows quirks make sense.

Anyway, that Monday night appointment is now over, and we will miss the characters and humor.

A really good run Brent. Thanks.

And thanks for making Saskatchewan look so good.


  1. What will CTV do to replace Corner Gas? I haven't got to see the final episode yet. But it has been a good run. I just wish it didn't have to end. Six seasons and over 100 episodes later we are at the end. "This is the end, my beautiful friend the end..."

  2. Corner Gas was my favorite show and it will be greatly missed. I am looking forward to them posting the finale online next Monday.

  3. Our family is evenly divided between fans and critics of Corner Gas. I watched the final episode with Jennifer and Fiona. I agree it was an appropriate ending.

    I've heard that folks in Tisdale spit on the ground when Melfort is mentioned.


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