Helping Micah get ready for his learners exam

Wednesday, April 01, 2009
over here you can get it when you are 14 years old it seems, so he is studying.

Tonight we took the online practice exams, and I got %80!

Which, is a fail. 24 out of 30 right.

Small comfort but most of my wrong answers had to do with questions about Alberta's graduated drivers license program, which I really don't know about.

The boy got 60%, 18 out of 30 right.

More studying I guess.


  1. I got 87%. I should've got one more correct. The other incorrect answers seemed Alberta specific or poorly worded.

    Should you give any emergency vehicle 150+m in front of you? Even when they're just driving? Or do they only become emergency vehicles when the lights & siren are on?

  2. Perhaps you should study it in French, haha.
    Oder vielleicht Deutsch??

  3. on the second try i got 5 wrong wit is 80%

  4. Good thing spelling doesn't count...

  5. its okay, Gwen and I fail that every time we take it.....

  6. How is that a fail? I guess getting your learners at 14 has its benefits by getting two years to practice instead of one. But a con of getting your learners at 14 is they are mature enough to handle the responsiblity of even a learns license.


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