Five years ago today

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
My grandpa died.

Here, and here.

Funny, it doesn't feel like five years. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday.

The things that he gave me that I still carry?

Whenever he saw me or we separated ways he always said he loved me. That always impressed me. Because of that I try to do the same to my kids whenever we part. I want them to KNOW they are loved. No Doubts.

And he prayed for me, every day, by name. I don't think I've known that level of prayer since, by one single individual. It's also something I want to give my kids, whether they know it or not. And while I'm not as good at it yet as he was, I am on my way. I honestly attribute so much of the grace and blessing my life has experienced, to people who have prayed for me, and continue to do so.

So today I'm thinking of legacy and his grace in my life. And I'm remembering that on this night five years ago my Grandma was rushed to the hospital, and would pass away five days later.

That's kind of fitting because I don't remember them separately. My memories of them were together, each with their own roles, but they lived and ministered and then died together. Which is an amazing grace too if you think about it.

God is indeed good.

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  1. I often think of those who now reside in heaven...and their prayers for me and my family. My grandparents, my husband grandparents and parents.

    I am so very grateful, knowing their prayers have held us up in countless ways and unknown ways over the years....

    Makes one more committed to do the same for those we love...for sure.


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