This week on Twitter 2009-08-19

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

  • I am completly and utterly gimped out. It all hurts. #

  • I think I am heading to the Edmonton, Calgary CFL game tonight. Now who to cheer for... #

  • At the cfl game and a rider fan is sitting beside me. Kinda nice. Like visiting with a relative from the old country. #

  • At the Esks & Stamps game. #

  • What a game, what a close game. Won in the last six seconds. Wow. #

  • In office for nearly an hour already. I think it's going to be a long one today. Nice that it's raining out and I can have the windows open. #

  • The furnace just went on in my office. How cold is it in here?? #

  • Morning over, flop on bed resting back before lunch. A good morning today out in the field. #

  • Boy I'd love to order in a pizza right about now. Don't suppose they deliver to a field. #

  • As of today its been 24 years with @lauraleafriesen. Some days good, some days bad. Every day love. #

  • At milestones for supper with Lauralea. Not a bad place. #

  • Watchin Julie and Julia. Good movie. #

  • Finally, my toner, due last Friday from Edmonton, has arrived In Wetaskiwin. Going to get it. Thanks for the overnighter Perolator Currier. #

  • They don't make a "I'm sorry you're having your period" card, do they?? Cause that could often come in handy. #

  • It's Hot in here and my eyess are droooooooooppping...... #


  1. So much less PC than happy mothersday, but so much more functional.

    "They don’t make a “I’m sorry you’re having your period” card, do they?? Cause that could often come in handy."

  2. I loved Dan's answer back:
    aw...seems he's deleted it...

    Anyway, it went something like, "If they did, they'd have to have another card that says, 'I'm sorry you're an idiot'"


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