It's a part of the parenting gig

After a long journey into the city today to get some last minute schools supplies and pants for Micah (Which if you're British means what it says and if you're North American also means what it says) we picked up Hillary who completed camp yesterday, then flew to Saskatoon and then bused here today.

That alone is a stressful enough day, however tomorrow after church I am going to drive both Hillary and Thomas north to get to bible college which starts Monday. So the activity around here even at 11:30 at night, is considerable. The washer is going, people are running to and fro with suitcases, updating their computers and bank accounts and on and on and on.

Its good to have them all in one place, even for a bit. They all are growing up and behaving in much more adult ways which makes them fun to be around. Tomorrow we part again, probably till Christmas.

Johanna and Nate have had a most difficult day in their lives today, and it pains to be so far away. So we pray for them and hope that their difficulties will settle because really it's all we can do from so far away.

The highs and the lows of being parents of adults I suppose.

Anyway, off to bed, I am exhausted.

Night all.

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