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Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Yes. Still here.

Trying some new things, life things.

Thinking up some new things that can help me keep distracted from work when I need to be distracted from work.

Trying them. Seeing if they can carry my interest enough to sustain me.

Exercising more. That can't hurt.
Well, at least after the numbness goes away. Course the numbness doesn't hurt exactly.

I'm cycling about seven miles each night, getting it down less than 30 minutes. Sometimes in the dark, sometimes in the light, but always with some loud music in my ears that keeps my legs burning. It's good, but I begrudge that I've made it in life to the esteemed and luxurious position of having to exercise apart from my daily routine.

Western civilization. Work hard to earn enough money to buy a monthly pass at the gym to keep your body trim because you didn't work hard enough.

Feeling fulfilled by the work I'm picking up at home. Laundry. Dishes. Stove cleaning. Counters. Bathrooms. Garbage. It's just very very fulfilling to have a mess, and then do some work, and the mess is transformed into a shine. I love seeing the effects of my hard work. That's not always so when you work with hearts. At least initially. Lauralea should have had her uterus out long ago. I'm enjoying this stuff.

Speaking of the uterus free, emotional Lauralea. She continues to heal nicely. Today was another positive visit to the doctor.

She's still not comfortable with our bed, getting in and out of it I mean. So she's still in the short cot in the other room. I'm getting nervous that she likes it over there, more than where I now am, enthroned in the middle of our queen-sized monster. Yes the space is nice but you know, 25 years together in the same bed, and most of those were a double bed, you get to be friends and you miss your friends.

Anyway, to welcome her back over to the bed I reside in, I encouraged us to get another set of sheets because we only have one set and anyway now that I'm doing laundry it would be easier to change the sheets rather than take off a set and wash it and return it...

My point was, do you know how much new sheets cost for a bed? Good ones I mean? 500 threads or whatever that number is? You don't want to know but I could have probably bought a lawnmower for that amount. At least a push one.

Busy right now, really busy. Conference ministerial chair wise, home wise, church wise, parent wise, and so on. Not to mention biking and trying to live with fun too.

It's all about the balance anyway. Tip any one direction too far and you'll fall over. That's your deep thought for the day. Balance. Now go live it out.


  1. You should try buying king sized sheets! I bought us some 800 thread count ones (I figured they will last us for years) after we got our new bed a couple of years ago....and yeah, they were pricey. But 2 years later they still look and feel brand new.

  2. I have a little experience in the area of exercise you're describing. Numbness in certain areas should be temporary (and very short, if you're riding 30min on the road). If it remains more than 10 min after you stop then there's something wrong with the saddle/riding position unless everything is very cold and taking time to thaw.

    And yup, it's about balance. Sometimes the place we're stood is broad, with lots of room to plant out feet firmly. Sometimes it feels narrow, like a balance beam on the floor, and sometimes it feels like a windowsill 20 floors up.

  3. Balance huh?
    I talk about that sometimes too, quickly though because I have just gotten up off the floor and then I promptly fall over again.

  4. Hey Angie, that's what we get. We found the Queen sized were too "short" for the bed, so we went with king. And yes, the quality does seem to last a looooong time.

    Thanks Toni for getting it. I hoped you would.
    :) And yep, things returned to normal pretty quickly.

  5. Hey Randall, relieved to hear Lauralea is recovering and sounds like you've all but taken over! Good for you! The bike riding reminded me of Donald Miller's new book. Definitely give it a read if you haven't already. Great for new beginnings for old folks like us. Makes me want to pick up my old bike again. Thanks for the idea. Oh, the book is A Million Miles in a Thousand Years or the other way around.

  6. Yup Tammy you are right about the title. I got a pre-release copy that's sitting right here beside me.

    Miss you.


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