Hot and dry in these parts

Saturday, April 17, 2010
Well, it's only the middle of april and I've already heard of one farmer who is seeding. That's crazy, I think. It's still April for petes sake, but it does feel better than a cold April.

Yesterday it was plus 24C and today was similar. So I've been getting itchy for some spring work. Yesterday I cleaned up some messes in the yard and today I tackled the garage. Woo baby what a job. Mud drug in from all winter long, salt stains, half opened boxes supposed to be in storage, boots, garbage, and bags and bags of empty cans and bottles.

I'm paying for my enthusiasm now though, can hardly move. But the garage is clean now, probably clean enough to eat off of. But of course only I will appreciate that.

Lauralea continues to improve and we've been in the same bed now for two nights, although after the first one back she had a bit of a relapse because we lay there talking too long and she was laughing too much. I blame the painkillers, she blames me.

Now, some more work for tomorrow.

And it's looking like another nice day in the mid 20's.


  1. Sooo she was in "stitches"? Laughter is good medicine!

  2. Nice one Deb.

    Thanks for the update. Hope your body eases off soon, and Laura's keeps healing.

    What is it about us? We're not even 50, yet doing stuff like clearing and carrying makes us hurt next day.

  3. I was thinking of you last week when we had a good 2-day soaker with about 2 1/2 inches of rain. I think it was fairly widespread in Saskatchewan but I guess it must not have happened in your part of Alberta. Another year of drought is not what your farmers need.

  4. Nope, but they are getting a bit nervous. Our spring runoff was really nothing this year. No mud to speak off because the melting snow just went down.

    Interesting that the top of the ground wasn't really frozen hard, but quite soft because there was no moisture in the top inches to freeze. I'd never seen that before.


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