Four kids, four provinces

Friday, July 23, 2010
Another evening, another thunder and lightning storm with lots and lots of water.

Have I mentioned that each of our kids are working in different provinces this summer? Well they are. We took the last one, Micah, to camp earlier this week where he's working as a jr. counsellor for six or so weeks.

So the days we dreamt of in the middle of the late night feedings, and the middle night throwing up with the flu, and the waiting up till they got home, are now upon us.

Yes it's practice because Micah will be home for a few more years, but wow what a wake up call.

After four evenings of just the two of us, well we better pick up a few new hobbies. Funny how you wait and wait, then when it's here, you're not ready for it, and you miss them.

So now we pray for them and txt with them and send them recipes and talk on the phone or skype with them.

Funny how our family is moving on. Funny and odd and, new. Another new thing it seems, to adapt to.

Night from the field.


  1. Wow, that must be so strange!! What kind of hobbies do you have?

    Paula Joy

  2. you should get that kiln set up then. it'll at least give mom something to do. :)

  3. Yep, that kiln would be a good thing and maybe get back to some serious photography.


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