I know...

Sunday, August 15, 2010
It's been a bit quiet around here.
As I say, I know.

I'm a bit overwhelmed on the work front. Just realizing all that has to be done before autumn hits has made me crazy busy in the office. A couple of classes to teach, a preaching series to prep, getting a broader, country wide network of Spiritual Directors up and running, designing the fall flyer that needs to get into the mail next week, prepping for our big DVBS Carnival in two weeks, then comes Sunday School startup and small groups, and, and, and... Well you get it.

Thomas has been home too for a few days and that's been great spending some time with him again. He's off tomorrow for Calgary to find a job and take a bit of a course, and take in another year in the Life Together house. We'll miss him.

Micah gets home from camp next Thursday and I guess will start getting ready for school, grade eleven already.

Then next weekend Hillary gets home for a few days before we take her up to school for her last year at college. She graduates next spring. Wow.

And this Tuesday Lauralea and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage. And I guess we will celebrate it like we did the original day, without any kids around.

So August rushes past, leaving us just a bit breathless, a touch lost and alone. Re-adjusting to life.

It's good that we have each other, her and I. We are good together.

So that's where I've been, and that's where I'll be. Just in case it's quiet for a day or two.

Night from the field.

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