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Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Yes, the days are getting shorter but I didn't think that meant that I would have less time for the work, but perhaps that is a field effect as well.

To be fair, all the activity of all the boards I'm on is now ramping up into autumn, and there is much work to be done. I'm glad the people here are used to a bit of hard work, because this is a busy patch.

The morning was spent in an organizing and planning committee meeting for our youth program which is a new patch since our youth and family pastor has retired. Then I was able to get in to see a family in town in the afternoon, who are going through a bit of a tough patch.

I also had to get into the city to pick up Lauralea's resized ring that we had to shrink a bit, so I took her along and while she and the college girl picked up school supplies, I headed to the hardware warehouse to get new internals for our Moen kitchen sink faucet. Then a leisurely mad rush home with a regretted stop at the golden arches for supper, and home again by 8:30. The rest of the evening has been spent learning how to replace and fix the broken faucet, and I, (Mr. Plumbing and Electrical for a few years at Canadian Tire-Aylmer Ontario.) owned the thing. Completely dominated it after putting it together and taking it apart three more times.

So, I am tired beyond tired.

Tomorrow is prep for Sunday, and Friday is our church Vacation Bible School and Fair for the church and community. Think Bible and crafts early in the day and a bouncy castle and cotton candy and games and then a bbq supper for the whole family later in the day. Yeah, we too will be glad when that baby is behind us.

I see that our cuckoo clock has run down and stopped, like it too is tired. I best go reset it and head to bed. I'm going to need my sleep in the days ahead.



  1. Then sleep well and peacefully, my over-busy friend in a field.

  2. Will pray for more than rest then just sleep.

  3. You must take rest first........... Then sleep well and peacefully, my over-busy friend in a field.


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