It's Sunday, but Monday's coming

Sunday, September 26, 2010
It's early for these parts, and I'm at the office early trying to get ready for the day. I think most of the things I need to have a part in are ready, but I feel heavy, so I'm here.

I feel heavy, carrying some things in my spirit that have added up this week. Things that are just rather large things people are going through, or I know they will be going through. Life isn't easy, you know that my children, but people continue to face them even after thousands of years of human development. If evolution is all the rage for explaining the world I don't know why we don't evolve out of those difficult parts of life as humans, but we don't seem to. So here I am at the office early on a Sunday morning, praying for these people and their stories.

The past two days have been warm and dry again so the harvest has begun. It's really very late this year and I know the farmers have been getting a bit stir crazy waiting. But the combines are out there in force now. Lauralea and I saw many of them out there late last night as we returned to the field. I know many will have been going through the night, it was so warm out. But today rain is forecast and we surely don't need it, so I'm here praying about that need too.

And for whatever reason this morning my head is stuffed up and the front of my face feels ten pounds heavier than usual. I guess I feel really tired and the days have been catching up with me. We've had another full weekend, and so it goes. Today is a full morning with my Jr. High class, and then the service, and then we are having a potluck lunch to celebrate an upcoming wedding, and then I need to drive out to camp to get Micah who's been at a youth retreat this weekend. I'll get to my afternoon nap probably by bedtime.

And so it goes.

People are starting to arrive so I should be done here and get at it.

So blessings on your day, and why not offer up a prayer for your pastor this day wherever you live and worship.


  1. Iv`e already been praying for you this morning.Hope you have a goodday and you also need a holiday...lov mom

  2. I wish you peace and a full and relaxed night's sleep, when you finally get to bed.


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