Making memories

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Today October 19th, is the anniversary of our engagement I guess 26 years ago now. I proposed at the Burger King in St. Thomas Ontario and I recall being so nervous (yes I was) that I couldn't eat my flame broiled cheeseburger.

But tonight we went to a little french place with amazing ambiance and food to go along with it. We talked of old times and our kids and how we've progressed through life, finding our way and being led by God. We talked of the future and where we hope it goes and who we want to become.

French restaurant

And then after a wonderful meal we walked home the long way, arm in arm along the river.
Walking home along the river

It's going to be a great memory for the next 25 years.


  1. that is a such an awsome way to spend this day...hope you are having TONS of 'awe' moments....Tasha

  2. Sounds wonderful - so happy you are having a good break UK-side. Congrats on the engagement anniversary.

  3. ...makes me smile in my heart...sappy I know, but there you have it!


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