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Monday, November 15, 2010
As with most people and most lives, but the real crux of maturing and growing with age seems to be tied up with being able and willing to take responsibilities for our choices.

My day has been about meeting with and talking with and skyping with people in various stages of life and the struggles life brings with it. The people have ranged in their life experiences but truly it seems to be those people who can face themselves in the mirror, who can look honestly into their own eyes and speak truth, they are the ones upon whom grace seems to dwell so fully.

I know that the human heart has a thousand secrets but if you convince yourself that you only have 999 secrets in there and deny the one, in some way you open yourself up to all manner of pain and lies and it's like the thousand secrets take over your whole life driving you deeper into the abyss.

Then love, which isn't easy at the best of times, becomes difficult both to give and receive and we harden our hearts just a little more. You see how this goes.

I suppose that's why we are in need of saving mostly from ourselves. Even those who look beautiful and seem healthy and together are often the ones in need of saving the most.
In need of saving, of being saved, of a saviour.

Yeah, we all need a bit of saving, and from One who can do it well.

Lord save us.

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